Sunday, April 5, 2009

I've been BORING!!!

I feel like this post MUST be written... I have been in a lack of creativity rut... no bueno... I have been so overwhelmed with school and all of the creativity has been sucked out of me... my blog has been, well, boring... I apologize...

Tonight at work I had the sudden urge to be crafty. Instead, when I got home from work, I finished my World Civilizations paper (sidenote: Roomie, thank you for letter me use your computer while you are in N.C. My data transfer was not complete for my MacBook Pro yet :( Boo...) After I finished, I decided to do some online window shopping. I ended up on the SHARPIE website and I found something incredible! Did you know you can personalize your sharpies?! OMG so cute!!

I feel that I have done nothing but work at J.Crew and work on homework for the past week. Although, I did give myself the night off on Thursday and watched "Slumdog Millionaire." It was so good, but I think "Australia" is still my favorite movie that I have seen recently. I can't wait for "Doubt" to come out; I think it is released on Tuesday. 

I've made the following decision: Sunday is going to be my day. I'm going to relax in the morning, cook breakfast, and watch the "Giada at Home" morning marathon. I am them going to go to my heavenly spot, Target, to do some grocery and "school supply" shopping. Well, "school supply" may be an exaggeration. I need (well... want) to pick up some stuff to make my Sound Crew notebook for tour. I love getting organized, and I'm excited to work on it :) 

Are you in a lack-of-creativity rut? Snap out of it and find something to do today that makes you smile and gets those creative juices flowing again! Make today YOUR day :)

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