Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Ready for Tour!

What a day, what a day... 
To start, "Happy Easter!!" Today's a day to put on your spring dress, a cardigan, and your white sandals (well, the little girls wear white sandals) as you head to church. Unless of course, you're in Oklahoma City today. 

It's chilly and rainy...NOT appropriate Easter Sunday weather! And what am I doing on my Easter Sunday? I had to take Momma to the airport at 6am (sad), and as I pulled into the parking garage after dropping her off, all of the electricity went out in my car. Ummm.... ok? The car will not start, the dashboard lights will not turn on, and the doors will not lock/unlock. ARG!!! So what do I do? Call Daddy for help! After a brief meltdown on the phone (I have no time to take it to the dealership; I leave for Tour tomorrow morning at 8am!!), he reassured me that the worst thing that could happen is the car will sit in the parking deck until I return on Friday (no biggie!). I climbed back into bed at 7:15 and woke up at 11. It was a nice slumber, sleeping while it's raining is the BEST! 

So, now I'm sitting here watching the Food Network and waiting for the gym to open at 1pm. I think I need to work off some of this stress (which I'm trying NOT to think about). After the gym, it'll be time to pack for Branson! Can't wait! Thank goodness I already have all the stuff I need; No car would make shopping difficult :( 
Here are the Essentials:
I've got my flashlight and crescent wrench for the Load-In of all of the production equipment.
My new large LLBean tote bag to pack my stuff :)

And of course, snacks for the ride: Pretzels and DDP are a MUST!!

Happy Easter! I'll check back in with you all on Friday!!


  1. oooh, i'm sorry about your car! good luck on tour, i hope you have a blast.

  2. hey elizabeth! you are the winner of my pillow giveaway!!! e-mail asap at i'm going to try to find your e-mail address...