Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well my first event was a success!! The banquet went so well last night and I could not be more proud! The food was amazing, our catering staff was so helpful, and our amazing students were honored! Please enjoy the pics of the night as it unfolded!
The room at the start of the evening... whew, what a difference linens ALONE make :)

We're getting there... Fabulous folks helping us out!
I'm so proud of my amazing decorations and programs crew. 
Absolutely stunning!

So beautiful, I walked in and saw the starbursts and literally screamed. SO thrilled!

Our MANY awards to celebrate our fabulous students!

The pic is a little bit blurry but it's one of the few I actually took with an actual person on my camera. I'm counting on facebook to get the others, lol. Love ya G!

So sweet... At the end of a stressful process, thoughtfulness of any kind does wonders... It was the perfect end to a fabulous night... I love flowers and tulips are one of my favorites... thanks Jeffy :)

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  1. It was a wonderful evening and so beautiful! You did a fabulous job, Wombs!