Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's "Thursday Series" Day!

Top 10 Things I love about my Roomie
1. She got my laundry out of the dryer for me yesterday when I had to run off to class before the towels were dry
2. She folded the towels for me... what an awesome surprise when I got home
3. She turns off all the lights in the living room before going to bed... otherwise they would never be off
4. She walks into my bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror, and stops to gaze at herself in the full length mirror on my door, every time she comes into my room.
5. She has impeccable fashion sense, yet still wears crew socks.
(See previous post here)
5a. She has a great sense of humor and lets me pick on her
6. She is so incredibly talented
7. She is thoughtful... the time that sticks out in my mind most recently is the letter she left me before driving home for Thanksgiving. She wrote out why she was thankful for me. It meant the world.
8. She loves impromptu sing-alongs and photo booth video performances
9. She is an amazing Christian woman
10. She has been my roomie for almost 3 years now... and is still willing to entertain the idea of living with me after college!!!
Freshman Year - 2006
We lived on the same floor in the freshmen girls dorm
Sophomore Year - NYC 2007
1st year as roomies
Junior Year - Fall 2008
First Day of SENIOR YEAR - Fall 2009

Love you LJL!
xoxo, EMN


  1. Such a fun post! :) I hope you're still having a great first week back!

  2. Oh cute! Wombie, this is such a sweet post :)

  3. YAY! Thanks rooms! you are the BEST!!!!!

  4. What a superb post! LOVE YOU LINDS!