Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well that works out well...

I was about to start this post with my sheer excitement that J. Crew's spring line is now online... then I realized that it's Thursday and time for my "Top 10" list of the week... Luckily, the two work well together!

Top 10 Favorite Pieces in the new spring line at J.Crew
1. These shoes are SO cute!
2. I'm not even CLOSE to thinking about (slash wanting to) put on a bathing suit any time soon, but I'm loving the gingham
3. Girls, can we please make it a social norm again to wear more hats. This one is just so beach chic
4. I love, love, LOVE this tank.
And it looks way cute under the sweater with layered necklaces!
5. So this shirt does not photograph well but it's way cute in person.
I'm pretty sure I can't wear yellow, but I really like it

6. I have an obsession with our boyfriend v-neck tee's and the color assortment right now is BANANAS.
7. Everyone loves the favorite tank, and it's new(ly different) this season! Last year the tanks were outrageously long and bizarrely tight... looks like they fixed the problem... and some great colors as well!
8. I'm loving these black pencil pants... they're my motivation to hit the gym hard right now
9. This skirt made my favorites list as kind of a joke. It is an adorable skirt, don't get me wrong, but as we were unpacking the boxes Monday night, my manager pulls it out and says "Okay, so cute, but where will I wear it?" Gatlin and Myself: "Duh, the grocery store... a trip to the mailbox... walking the dog. It's SO versatile!" Hahahaha. (In case you can't tell from the picture, it's ├╝ber-dressy
10. Like the black pants above, these shorts are providing gym-spiration. I think they are so cute and a great take on the traditional blue jean short.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks list! I know I did... if only my bank account was supportive of the Thursday series :) Hehe. Happy Thursday!
xoxo, E


  1. I love that hat and agree that women should start wearing more of them... they are so fun!

  2. I love the grey ruffle tank! Who am I kidding I love it all! (minus the skirt) :)