Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy musings... and conclusions

What I've learned in the last 3 days...

1. The Burberry rain boots are terrific snow boots. Seriously, one of the best purchases I've ever made.

2. My sweet Betty is a God send in winter weather. Driving in the snow feels like off-roading!!

3. You should never be overly confident while driving. Just because you made it safely on the city roads and through the crazy parking lots doesn't mean you're good to go. Sometimes when you pull into your parking garage you can slip on a random patch of ice. Pride cometh before the skid.

4. If the safety of you pulling out in front of me would be questionable on an 80-degree sunny day, you probably shouldn't do it in this weather of ice and snow!

5. No matter how "mature" and "professional" they are, guys turn into six-year-old boys when it snows.
Jack knocked down all the icicles we walked past and decided to make a snow angel on the walk to the grocery store.

Jeff, you have a snowflake on your shoulder... or 500 of them. Jack threw snow on Jeff so then Jeff chased Jack. I felt like their mother "Boys! Be careful! One of you could slip and fall, and we all know Jeff will be the one to wipe out!"

6. College students are resourceful. I came upon a friend scraping his windshield last night. As I approached, I realized he was using a spatula.
"Ummm, Aaron. Whatcha doing there?"
"I don't have an ice scraper. Gosh, my hands are cold. My gloves are soaked."
"Well, you should put on oven mits! You could have a whole kitchen theme!"

Oh I love snow days!! I think that's all for now!! xoxo, E

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