Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I wish I were... an Oscar Mayer... wait, what?

I watched a clip of Monday's "Today Show," hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford and (guest host) Kristin Chenoweth.

Kristin (an OCU grad, sorority sister, and pretty darn amazing Broadway/television star) promoted her work with Oscar Mayer's Good Mood Mission.

The Good Mood Mission "started the year by donating 1 million pounds of food to Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Our goal is 2 million pounds, and we need your help to reach it."

It's SO easy!!! Click HERE and complete this sentence "it doesn't get better than __________" All you have to do is share your "good mood" and they will add one more pound to the food they donate.

I shared the site with co-workers yesterday... and now I'm sharing with you.

I have an additional challenge, leave a comment here as well with your answer! I'm dying to know! Let's see how many Olive My Life! followers take 30 seconds today to make a difference!!

xoxo, E

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