Sunday, January 31, 2010

12 weeks until the hardest day of my life

I will be running my first half marathon 12 weeks from today!
Luckily, my best friend Meredith is doing it with me!

To date, I've run a 5K (with Mere)
and an 8K
I didn't actually train for those two, but I did learn some valuable lessons.
From the 5K, I learned: don't run the night before, even if it is to make sure you can do at least 2 miles at a time for your 3.1 mile run less than 12 hours away.
For the 8K, I didn't run the night before (a MUCH better idea). Lesson learned: 4.96 miles are easier than 3.1... but that doesn't mean I can do 13.1 without training.

I've got a training program in place and it starts today.
My organizational OCD-ness is taking over.
I'm going to keep impeccable records for this process.

So here we go with today's agenda:
Tracking my weight

Taking my measurements

Downloading songs for my iPhone
Checking out the course... and a later task will be figuring out where I want my parents to stand along the route to cheer us on!
Happy Sunday! xoxo, E

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  1. I am soooooo proud of you. You will be the first Newton (and I think the first Greene) to ever run a half-marathon. This is one time when the OCD will be a benefit to you!! LOL
    This year we will be yelling "Go Mary!" for a different, but just as exciting, reason.
    Go Mary!