Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last day of Christmas Break freedom!

Top 5 reasons Home is better than School
1. My family is there
2. We have running water at home
(the pipes are frozen in our building alone on campus. SO inconvenient. Currently, I'm heating up water bottle water to wash my face and brush my teeth. No fun!)
3. There isn't a ton of dirty snow and sheets of ice covering the roads and sidewalks at home
4. The mall is much better at home
(that's a silly, trivial one but still!)
5. We have a DVR at home. There is a new cake competition and Worst Cooks in America is on Food Network tonight, but I've got a dinner date with a friend. What's a girl to do?

Something great about being back at school:
I love being surrounded by my friends!

When I got back last night Mere and I went to Saturn Grill for dinner. Yum! I then ran over to J.Crew to work out the details of my return to the sales support staff :) Once I got back from the mall I thought it might be time to tackle this task...
I loathe unpacking.

Once I finished, I went through my apartment and threw out the stuff I haven't used. It's a great feeling to start a fresh semester with an organized room! Happy Sunday!
xoxo, E

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  1. Elizabeth, I totally agree! And speaking of J.Crew...I just picked up an application! We'll see if the Lord opens up a door. Blessings this semester!!