Thursday, June 10, 2010

And that's a wrap

Well, it's been over a week since the shoot, but I finally plugged my iPhone into my computer to upload the pics. I had an absolute blast serving as assistant producer. I got to hang out with some pretty awesome kiddos and see how print and tv ads are created. L and the client commented about how the process isn't as "glamorous" as people think, but I had an absolute blast!

Benjamin was such a trooper! He was our everything kid! Wearing bits and pieces of all the amazing things for kids to do at Discovery Place (scuba, science, medicine, construction, hiking, exploring, etc.)

My new bff Gaby. The baby sibling of two of our kiddos was pretty shy when we first met. However, by the end of the 3 hours, she was climbing up in my lap and chatting away. Here she's trying on one of the hats that didn't make the cut for wardrobe

Each kid was filmed for a tv spot and shot for print ads. The process was relatively easy but that didn't keep us from having a few hiccups during the day. Mac (pictured here) was one of my favorites. What a personable kid! And I loved chatting with his mom.

Kaylie was my other pal during the day. She wanted to play dress up as well. She's a cross between mad scientist (her sis' character) and an upside down scuba girl (that was all her doing). LOL.

Here is big sis with all her crazy chemicals.

Our construction chick was tough. After a minor fainting incident, she came back to work [courtesy of a Mickey Dee's happy meal energy boost] with a big smile and got the job done. What a pro!

Oh the fun to be had at my summer internship!!
Can't wait to be back on Monday... and to see CB of course!! =) xoxo, E

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