Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anything but a terrible Tuesday...

The morning was off to a rough start. All of the stoplights were out on Fairview. The VIEW was anything but FAIR.

I got to work 10 minutes late, causing me to miss the opportunity to sit in on a meeting (luckily CB delivered the news of my delay [or stand still] to boss man and he totally understood).

Mid-morning I received an email inviting me to be the assistant producer for the commercial shoot we are doing on Friday at work. To say I was excited is the understatement of the year.

I had my weekly lunch date with CB and we both enjoyed yummy Greek yogurt. After lunch, CB was having some... let's call them "issues"... with abdominal spasms. After WebMD-ing it, we determined that all her symptoms matched that of an aortic aneurysm... um, yea... I suggested pneumonia, but the "dry, hacking cough" didn't match up... I also suggested appendicitis, but that was a sore spot for her (don't worry CB, I won't share the details of WHY! lol). I haven't laughed that hard in a loooong time. Our exchanges at the front desk were anything but professional. Then, the emails that went back and forth between us were HILARIOUS. I'm pretty sure my desk-neighbor was thinking "why is E busting out laughing while sitting at her computer?" It's CB's fault!

Before heading home from work, I realized that I hadn't checked recently to see if my Swazi Podcast had been edited and posted online. Guess what?! It has!! I listened to it as I drove home. I was reminded of all the emotion I felt after we returned from Africa. You can download it HERE for free if you are interested in hearing it. (I must also throw in there that this was recorded the morning after my bout of food poisoning. I think I sound pretty good all things considered!)

I'm off to my last night at the Crew for the week... which means I get to hit the gym tomorrow. HOORAY!!!

xoxo, E

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