Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've gone consignment crazy!!

I posted about my first consignment experience yesterday... well, I just couldn't help myself. I did more browsing today. Let's just say I found my consignment utopia!!
Check it out:
I L-O-V-E this tufted chair... I really want to get it and have it re-upholstered.

I think this would be a great little side table with a stack of books on the bottom shelf.

Oh and this one I just adore. I think it'd be a great TV stand, but there's no where to hide the DVD player and DVR. But oh the storage for all my DVDs. Maybe it could be a cute coffee table?

If I do the above as a coffee table, maybe this could be my tv stand? Are two white pieces so close together in a room a no-no?

And then what about this as a side table? Is it just all too much? HELP!!

I've gone consignment crazy and I need your decorating advice!!! xoxo, E

1 comment:

  1. oh! these are all great find, and so versatile too - tough one on deciding!