Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New design, consignment finds, and chef in the making...

Introducing a new Belle of the Wall design: "Sweet Caroline"
My 8 year old niece was the inspiration for this piece. While living in LA last summer, I discovered that Caroline and I are incredibly similar. She loves to take silly pics like her Aunt Liz...

... and one day I walked into my room to find her wearing my shoes.
Maybe a size or two too big.
Her mom gave me a headband from Anthro before I left and I let Care try it on. She looked absolutely precious in it and I told her she could have it if she wanted. In her sweet way, she looked at me and said, "Aunt Liz, we can share. You keep it for a year and I'll keep it for a year." Well, it's time for the butterfly headband to return to LA. That story is the inspiration for this new piece... "Sweet Caroline."

I went to a consignment store in the QC today and found two pieces that I am head over heels for... Sidebar - are you one of those people that discover amazing finds at yard sales, Goodwill, or your local salvation army? I've never had any luck. And although consignment isn't exactly the same situation, I was thrilled that I've found 2 pieces of furniture that meet the needs of what I've been looking for, for under $200.
This trunk will be a great end table.
And this table is ideal for a coffee table. I like that it's white and will bring light into the room. I also LOVE the underneath storage. So many of my coffee table books will look terrific under there!
Hoping to make these purchases this weekend and take advantage of the stores "no tax" promotion for the holiday weekend.

And finally, the chef in the making portion... I found a recipe in "Cooking Light" last week for spicy chipotle shrimp salad with grilled pineapple. I prepared it tonight and it was yum-o. I love this cooking kick that I'm on. And I'm bound and determined to do it alone. I ask Mommacita the occasional question, but try to do all the prep and execution myself (she was a super help and peeled the shrimp tonight... as well as cleaned up the kitchen after. Her philosophy is, "you cook, and I'll clean up." However, I know there's a hint of an ulterior motive there: she knows I wouldn't get the kitchen as clean as she likes. No one works up elbow grease like Mommacita! Girlfriend is ripped!)

Well, it's time for bed! We are almost, officially mid-week! Bring on the looooong weekend! Do you have Monday off from work? I sure hope so! xoxo, E


  1. I just LOVE this post! I love the new design and the story behind it... so sweet.... I LOVE the furniture you found! Both pieces are AMAZING.. the recipe you made sounds scrumptious! And THANK YOU for the (much needed) reminder of the long weekend approaching!!! AND, MOST OF ALL... I LOVE YOU!!!! :-)

  2. Wonderful shop you've got going on, Wombs! I have to agree with Megan, I love reading your posts :) Sounds like summer is treating you well! Yahoo!! Much love!