Friday, June 25, 2010


Goooooooooooood Morning world!!

What a crazy 12 hours:
First, my head hit the pillow when I got home from work yesterday (at like 5).

Second, I was AT the gym by 5:40 this morning. E say what?! I never, ever, ever go to the gym that early, but I've got to say I'm feeling pretty good right now. Although, I'm pretty sure the stair master killed me.

Third, I had the most bizarre dreams last night:
1. I was back at my high school and ran into an old crush. His mom kept saying "go talk to him, go talk to him." I knew it was a bad idea, but I did it anyway. After we said the cordial "hello," he kept repeating: "this is awkward. this is awkward. this is awkward." I mean, come on, who says that?! I think it in my head all. the. time. But to say it is just... well... awkward (hehe)
2. I was walking through the halls of my middle school (I'm regressing!!) desperately searching for the classroom where I was supposed to take my AP Statistics final exam. Ohhhh, I could analyze the pooey out of this one. (do you remember my anxiety from my college Business Statistics class this last semester? thought it was going to be my first "C," luckily I pulled out an "A.")
Needless to say, it was a relief to wake up to my 5am alarm this morning.

On a much lighter note, this is the piece that is inspired by Mommacita.
Besides the fact that she is OBSESSED with lamps... seriously, our house is so well lit... she will always walk into a room and say "do you need this light on?" Got to love the Momma instinct to make sure I can see without straining my eyes. So, this piece is the newest addition. Lovingly titled, "Do you need this light on?"

SO excited to have sushi with CB today! xoxo, E

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  1. i might need one of these custom creations for my NYC apartment!