Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hodge podge post + asking advice...

Yesterday was a crazy-busy, but awesome.
The work day FLEW by, and I got in a little quality time with the treadmill.
After, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and started working on some more pieces.
Tonight's focus was customizing an existing design.
"Sassy Scottie" has been adapted into...
"Jackpot and Tucker Go for a Stroll."
(the cutest jack russell and dachshund living near NC's state capital... notice the dachshund fabric for the fire hydrant; I just love it!)

and "Sassy Sadie Struts Her Stuff."
The puppy dog is Miss Sadie, CB's cocker spaniel. You can see the REAL Sadie here. CB has done so much for me this summer. She's been a great mentor at my internship (not to mention she helped me get my foot in the door), a confidant, a source of laughter, and an inspiration in many ways. I was thrilled to do this custom piece for her.

In the midst of working, Momma made a sweet peach and raspberry cobbler to take to Uncle G tomorrow. She made a miniature one for us... after all, you must taste before you take!!
And O-M-G was it delish!
(side note: today has been a "I want to go back to Boston NOW" day. Driving home from work, "Sweet Caroline" came on the radio. No lie, as I was singing along, a car with a HUGE red sox sticker on its back window drove by. And then Momma made the cobbler that is a recipe from "Stephanie's on Newbury," our FAVE spot in Boston for yummy dessert.)

Now for the ADVICE part of the post: I'm putting down my scissors, iron, fabric, and buttons to focus on the online presence for my shop (oh, I'm DYING to tell you the name). I can't decide if etsy, paypal on my blog/a new blog, or a website for the shop is the way to go. Those of you who sell on etsy/your blog/etc., what do you think??

If you want, you can email your thoughts to me: ElizabethMellisNewton(at)yahoo(dot)com. I REALLY appreciate your insight.

Happy hump day! xoxo, E


  1. You are amazing. Truly and sincerely. I love you! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for my Sadie piece!!! I think for you getting this divine business started you should develop a great name then do a soft launch on your blog to test the market then head over and set up an Etsy. XO

  2. I think you should do an etsy account but we also want to see some stuff here!

  3. These are adorbs, and I will be a customer!! You are sooooo sweet to make that one for my presh-presh daughter!!!

  4. I want a dachshund one! Dashy will LOVE it! :) So excited for you and I'm DYING to FIND OUT the name!!!!

  5. SO cute! I think an etsy account is the easiest thing. Then you can advertise on your blog and send them to etsy to purchase. The fees are really cheap and it is a simple process. Then if you don't like it you can always change. easy peasy. Good luck!

  6. The cobbler recipe came from Stephanie's on Newbury Street in Boston. Of course, I had to put my spin on it to make it a little bit southern.