Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yummy noises

It's early Saturday morning and I'm climbing into bed, but before I drift off I wanted to share my wonderful day with you.

After my one Friday class, I drove downtown OKC to have lunch with some co-workers. Unfortunately, they were detained a bit, so I decided to drive around downtown. I was very pleased when after making a random left turn I saw the following:

... the OKC Bombing Memorial. I have always heard how beautiful the memorial is, but selfishly, I never wanted to go since this tragedy occurred on my birthday. However, I felt that today was the perfect time to explore.

There was a parking spot directly in front of the entrance... it was perfect.

The memorial was absolutely gorgeous. It was so serene. The weather outside was simply perfect as well.

After I walked around a bit, I drove over to Leo's BBQ (featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) to have lunch with Kimmy, Char-lay, and Ames (hehe, I love giving people nicknames)

I am totally a NC BBQ girl, but this brisket was mighty tasty... and everyone knows you go to Leo's for the cake. yum-oh!

After getting my hair cut/running errands, I came back to campus to do laundry and some major cleaning. I then went to dinner with M at Hefner Grill on the lake.

It was so wonderful to watch the sunset as we enjoyed our dinner.

M got a crab cake appetizer. He ate the crab cakes and I ate the crawfish that were a part of the sauce (my first time trying this particular seafood and I really enjoyed it!)

I ordered the blackened tilapia in a brown butter sauce with squash Rockefeller. So yummy!

What fun to check two restaurants off my list of OKC restaurants that I want to try before I graduate!!! Off to Dallas in 6 hours! Time to power sleep!

xoxo, E

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  1. Hello, darling Elizabeth! I gave you an award today! Come on over and snatch it up!!

    Happy Tuesday!