Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend in Dallas

Well, I had a wonderful weekend with Mommacita in Dallas. And a big THANK YOU to Papas for flying out with her for lunch on Saturday then turning around and flying straight home.

(quick explanation: we fly for free on US Airways and are put to the top of the standby list if flying with Papas (the employee). Saturday's flight from CLT to DFW was full and Momma wouldn't have gotten on by herself. So like a trooper, Papas gave up his Saturday to fly halfway across the country and back to simply have lunch with us, hehe)

After Papas left, Mommacita and I hit the outlets!

After doing some MAJOR damage at JCrew, we stopped by the rooms' (can she still be called that even though we no longer live together?) favorite fro-yo place in Dallas. Mmmmm it was yummy.

We were both exhausted and crashed early... and slept in on Sunday. We ran
back by the J.Crew outlet to pick up a few more things then hit NorthPark = Heaven!

My credit card got a workout this weekend but I'm so excited for my purchases =)

And of course... I've got a new item for my wishlist:
Love these bags from Michael Kors! And pretty affordable too!

That night we went to my favorite Dallas mob hangout... I mean restaurant... Campisi's

The atmosphere is legit sketchy. The front door is a red leather, padded door with no window. You walk into the main dining room and it is so dark with a well-lit picture of a godfather-esque gentleman hanging on the wall. LOL. Loves it!

The pizza is oh-so-yummy!

p.s. the sign outside says:

It's a cover-up... I'm telling you.

Okay, so when's the next road trip to the Big D? I'm ready to go back now!


  1. Um, anytime you want to go to big D, you can visit me!! Well, that is once I graduate :)