Wednesday, September 29, 2010

lucky, lucky girl

I am such a lucky girl... for so many reasons.

I decided yesterday that although I didn't actually feel buyer's remorse for 3 purchases I made, my bank account said I should. I asked the bf to go with me to return the items as "moral support" and he agreed. As we walked into the mall to return the dress I bought last weekend...

He said that he wanted to see it. As he pulled it out of the bag, I noticed a subtle (or attempt at subtle) glance at the tag. Mental note: tell him not to go back and buy it for me later... yes it was a pride thing.

After the errands, I jetted off to my night class. While sitting in class, Momma texted me that she had accidentally confused the dates and couldn't visit me next weekend. I've been in need of Momma time and was disappointed, but she said that she could fly out to spend a few days with me leading up to fall break - I had made the choice to stay in OKC over the break and the boy made plans for us to hang out.

Well, after class I went home and found this laying on my bed...

There was a note from the boy laying on top, and I immediately knew what he had done.

The reaction I should have had: Excitement that the dress was going back in my closet and acknowledgment of the super-sweet and thoughtful gesture.
The reaction I actually had: I was a bit upset that he got the dress even though I asked him not to, and I felt about 2 inches tall.
Why couldn't I just be gracious and say "thank you"? Beats me.
Anyway, after a short discussion last night... and an apology from me... all was well again!
Although I had a stinky day, M made it so much better.
Conclusion: He is most definitely crazy for putting up with me.

Fast-forward 8 hours - I woke up with severe pain in my abdomen. It has come and gone all day. No bueno. It's one of those days when I actually wish I was back in high school (ewwwwww) and could just stay in bed all day and skip out on my responsibilities.

Well, Kimmy always has a way of making my day better.
Yesterday she sent me this:

And today she put on a little show while on the phone with a society lady. I snapped pics...

Just waiting for her to log on to Twitter/the Blog to see them and get "mad." LOL.

Anyway, Kimmy had a "short meeting" (they're never short) today, and I walked over to the Mass Comm department to chat with a former professor. I like to pop by every once in a while to chat and laugh a bit.
Well after a bit of laughter with last semester's Mass Media Law professor, I went into MH's office to chat. I definitely consider him a mentor. I told him that I was panicking about jobs and that I was just so overwhelmed. I always feel so much better after talking to MH. He always says the kindest things to me and encourages me so much. I teared up while talking to him today and almost had to put on my over-sized sunglasses and leave his office when he mentioned that he realized he won't be here for my graduation because he'll be in Singapore teaching.

Anyway, the point is, I feel so encouraged as I press forward in my job search.

I'm off to Biology now then turning in early tonight - have to take the boy to the airport crazy early tomorrow morning for his SGA trip to DC - Jealous!

xoxo, E

Oh... I need to update this quickly. Kimmy just texted me the following:

Love her!

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  1. What a beautiful package! Those are the best gifts, straight from the heart!