Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend with Papas!

I had a great weekend with Papas!

When he got here Friday, we went straight to McNellie's for lunch.

Next, we stopped by Red Coyote!
Papas bought me new running shoes... they are called Newton! How cool is that?! I'm running in shoes with my last name on them! lol. They are also supposed to help you running properly.

Red Coyote has this awesome process they take each client through to make sure the shoes you purchase fix any problems. Well, my Achilles experiences some stress when I run, so we got some inserts to help fix the problem.

I ran 3 miles this morning in 30:34 - not bad for not running in quite some time!

I love, Love, LOVE this shirt... Red Coyote has a breast cancer awareness section and this shirt reads: "Protect 2nd Base"

Friday night we went to Red Rock Canyon grill. It was a big night! Papas met M for the first time. It was a real Meet the Parents moment... but the bf did a much better job impressing Papas than Ben Stiller did!

I took Papas to my favorite breakfast spot Saturday morning - Jimmy's Egg. Finally, my three-week long craving for pancakes was satisfied!! There is NOTHING better than their sweet potato pancakes!!

After we ate, we went to IO Metro to peruse the furniture. Thanks to a special 25% off offer, I bought a bed for the post-grad place.
And with a special cash gift from Papas, it was the same price as the bed I was going to buy from Ikea.
I L-O-V-E it!!!
Brown, leather, queen sleigh bed

We went to the mall, did a little bit of shopping, and saw "Wall Street. Money never sleeps."

Papas was a little bit disappointed - Michael Douglas' role is smaller than he was hoping for. But I've never seen the original, so I enjoyed it more than dad did.

We went to Ted's for dinner. Yum!
And even though we were STUFFED after our entree, we enjoyed the famous and fabulous sopaipillas.

Living on a budget is hard... and I'm no good at it... but I convinced Papas to take me to Target to do some grocery shopping.
Is it sad that this could potentially have been the best part of my day? That Charmin bear is pretty expensive, and I SO appreciate his willingness to pay!

Momma sent us some pics of the redecorating going on at home!
Beautiful brown walls for the dining room... I told Momma I'll do some scouting (maybe another trip to IO Metro) for a new lighting fixture for the room.

The window treatments for the guest bedroom

I can't get over how beautiful our upstairs is now... I think I might actually like this room better than my room now... but maybe I like the computer room best... No, no, it's definitely the grown-up sophistication of my room... gosh, tough decisions!! Mommacita - you're too good at this!!!

Here we go with another week! xoxo, E


  1. Seriously. I need to see your parents' house. And possibly become a squatter there. :)

  2. I want to come visit your house, Wombs. I love the redecorating that's going on!