Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another hodge podge post...

The design diva (aka, mommacita) is at it again!
After completing all of the re-decorating of our upstairs, Momma has her sights set on our downstairs! I'm so excited for what she has planned!

She started with our dining room. After taking everything off the walls, moving the furniture, and covering our dining room table, Momma sent me a "before" pic of the walls...



I'm so, So, SO excited to see the room after all the fabrics are changed!!

More pics to come of the foyer and living room as they get underway!

I love working with Kimmy for oh-so-many reasons. Today we enjoyed a Chickfila lunch together, and I played a game of FloodIt to get back in the mental state of mind for work. Kimmy was like "you know you can change the colors of the squares right?"
"I'm sorry, what?!"

I call this the manly version!

I also discovered you can change the difficulty of the game! Hip, hip, hooray!!

I absolutely love to laugh, and have definitely been in the need for laughter in the last 36 hours. Well, the double mint came through for me today!

Christine also made me giggle today at work... We visited the site for tomorrow's style-show event for last minute diagram plans for setup and script adjustments based on wardrobe.

Well, there was some exercise equipment outside and Christine just hopped right on. I died laughing. People of 23rd street: check her out!

I'm off to work tonight... 9:30pm - 3:00am... no, that's not a typo. Easy money though... NO customers!! We're getting new touch-screen registers installed at JCrew. Wahoo!!

Papas will be here in just over 12 hours!!! Hooray!! xoxo, E

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