Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you a follower of my blog?

The subject of this post is a question that came to mind yesterday afternoon.

Are you a follower of my blog?

And who did I ask this question of?

Oh, just God.

"God, are you a follower of my blog? Cause I'm pretty sure you answered a request in one of my posts." He must have read my Shaking in My Boots post because when I checked my email yesterday I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me. I got an e-mail from IMG World (they produce Mercedes Benz Fashion Week... that's the fashion week that everyone talks about) that said I had been selected for an interview for a summer intern position in NYC.

I'm pretty sure I started dialing the parents before I finished reading the email on my iPhone.

This is THE dream internship. Once again, I'm shaking in my boots... but it's an excited nervous, not an anxious one. My interview is March 8th!! Eek!! I'm SOOOOOO excited!! NYC here I come for the summer!! I'm wishin'... I'm hopin'... I'm thinkin'... I'm prayin'

Happy Thursday!! xoxo, E

p.s. I know this is the second week in a row that I haven't posted a Top 10 list on a Thursday, but I promise it'll come tomorrow. I just couldn't wait to post this exciting internship news.

p.p.s. even MORE exciting news... the pathology report came back and I'm cancer free!!! Hooray for skilled surgeons and an awesome God! I kicked cancer's asK once again!!! (hehe, if you haven't seen this video you've GOT to watch it. It explains the asK rather than the other word you probably expected to see)

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  1. WOO HOO!!! SO excited for you!!! You're amazing! :)