Friday, February 12, 2010

Belated Top 10

It's late, but it's here...

The Top 10 things that I'll remember from this week...

1. Because Papas is a pilot, Mommacita was able to fly to OKC in time for my surgery. Within 2 hours of finding out my surgery had been moved up 2 days, she was at the airport.

2. I had surgery to remove 1 spot of melanoma and another spot that was questionable. Both were surgically removed as if they were melanoma.

3. In prep for my surgery, I had five shots of numbing medicine in my arm and three shots in my chest.

4. I reenacted the "Charlie bit me" video while on the operating table... complete with the British accent. I wish I could blame it on laughing gas or Valium, but sadly, it was just me being me :)

5. I had some great visitors... who I blame for the weight I put on this week...
Mere gave me a care package of Twix, Reese, Double Mint Gum, and magazines
Roomie brought me a City Bites Soonerdoodle cookie
Kendra brought me 2 cupcakes from Ruth's
Marty brought me cookies from Ruth's
(as well as a book... food for the mind!)
Danielle brought a red velvet cuppie from Saturn Grill
Marcus, Jeff, Lyonel, and Zach came to visit as well.

6. I came up with a great system for sleeping on my back

7. Momma and I got a record number of phone calls/text messages from friends checking in on me

8. I've watched 6 movies from Blockbuster w/ Momma:
Love Happens
The Invention of Lying
Couples Retreat
The Time Traveler's Wife
The Hurt Locker (we still have to watch this one)
Tomorrow we're going to see: Valentine's Day and When In Rome

9. I'm incredibly pleased with my incisions so far

10. I realized I might actually be a "runner." I miss my training SO much and hope I can be back running again after my stitches are out in a week and a half. Eek!!!

Thank you all for your comments and prayers! xoxo, E


  1. Glad you're back! I love the Thursday Tens (even if its a day late)! :) Glad you're doing good!!! Can't wait to see you again!!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    My sister is Teresa Barbour - a teacher friend of your Mom. She keeps me up to date with what is going on with you. Please know that extra prayers are being delivered from Hilton Head for speedy recovery. I love your blog and wish I could give you a cupcake!!!!!
    Lynn Dula

  3. Sent by your friend BLC. Sending you best possible wishes.