Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love the olympics

Every two years I get incredibly excited for the olympics. I love both the summer and winter games. This year is no different.

I particularly enjoy hearing the stories of the athletes, even if they aren't from the US. The stories allow me to become emotionally involved in the different sports, beyond the sheer entertainment factor.

I loved this moment at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Alexandre Bilodeau won the gold medal for freestyle skiing men's moguls. He was the first Canadian to win gold on home soil at the Winter Olympic Games. What an honor... and such a special moment!!
His story was one that made me even more excited for his win. Alexandre's older brother has celebral palsy and serves as an inspiration. After the Torino games, when Alexandre placed 11th, his brother told Alexandre just how proud he was. Alexandre said, "Did you not just see what I did out there in front of millions of people?" Frédéric (his brother) replied, "You came to the Olympics. You did what you wanted to do."
Well, get excited Frédéric, baby brother did so much more than that this year!!

This was my other favorite moment. Evan Lysacek won gold for the US in Men's Figure Skating.
He knew at the end of his program that he had done what he came to the Olympics to do. It was such a cool thing to watch.
My absolute favorite moment of Evan's experience at the Olympics was watching his reaction when he found out he won.
It took at good 15 seconds for it to register. It was amazing.

The Olympics are so special. Mere and I were discussing yesterday that the Olympics are, for two weeks every two years, how the world should be. We are impassioned with pride in our country. There is a healthy competition and a unifying of countries.

Happy Sunday! xoxo, E

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  1. I love the Olympics too! My favorite is the down hill ski racing! Woot woot!