Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top 10 Clues

For the first time in 3 weeks, the Top 10 list is on time.

The Top 10 Clues as to What I'm Doing Tonight...

1. Well Momma is back here in the midwest. She's Got a Way About Her, and I'm so glad to have Mommacita here for the weekend. It's her birthday on Saturday! I love you, Just the Way You Are.

2. I'm in a New York State of Mind. 11 days until my interview at IMG World!!

3. I've got a paper due in my "legal and ethical principles of mass media" class tomorrow. These papers are based around ethical dilemmas, we do not determine whether or not someone is An Innocent Man.

4. When Mere and I were driving back from lunch last Saturday, there was so much smoke in the intersection. We thought it was fog at first, but the burning smell convinced us otherwise. I don't know what happened, but I know that We Didn't Start the Fire.

5. I haven't had a date w/ my bloggie (and real life) friend Megan in The Longest Time.

6. The Stranger (aka homeless man) on the side of the road was holding a sign that read "Homeless Yet"... well I thought that's what it said. Mere chuckled and said, "It says 'Homeless Vet'." We laughed so hard, and I'm lucky the inside of my car is not covered in the Diet Dr Pepper that I was attempting to drink at that time. **Please do not think we were laughing at the man's situation, we were laughing at my blonde moment**

7. I do not feel any half marathon Pressure right now. I am back on track with my training following my surgery!!

8. Check out my friend David's pooch being a regular Piano Man.

9. I feel like a real Uptown Girl when I wear my Valentine's gift: a lovely quilted Burberry coat.

10. Momma and I are Movin' Out to see a Big Shot who would be proud that we are going out on a school night, after all, Only the Good Die Young.

Well I sure do hope you figured it out by now. Tonight is the Face 2 Face concert. We are so excited to see Billy Joel and Elton John!! Now, I think it's clear from the song titles in each clue that I'm a Billy fan. I blogged here and here that I wanted to see him in concert. Well, I get my chance tonight!! Thank the Lord the concert in OKC was rescheduled (it was supposed to be the day before Thanksgiving) because now I'm able to go!!!

I. Can't. Wait. To. See. This.

xoxo from someone who desires to be "the girl"
in SO many Billy Joel songs, E


  1. I am so jealous that you saw this concert! Please post a review!

  2. I hope you and Momma enjoy This Night. I am sure you will.

    Since I am not A Big Shot, if Worse Comes to Worst they may call me to fly to Allentown, or even Leningrad.

    Take care of Momma; you know She's Got A Way about her and is always in a New York State of Mind.

    Don't Ask Me Why but even as an old man, It's Still Rock and Roll To Me!

    For The Longest Time you have been An Uptown Girl, but you are now rapidly becoming a Modern Woman.

    Don't Ask Me Why but I think it may be time to Say Goodbye To Hollywood (ok,ok, so he didn't write a song about Oklahoma City!). Why do you put this Pressure on me to be as creative as you? LOL

    You're Only Human; The Night Is Still Young. This Is The Time for your River of Dreams to become reality.

    I love you, Just The Way You Are, Elizabeth.

    And So It Goes...

  3. Hi! I'm a friend of Lesley's and found your blog through hers . . . I'm so jealous about the Billy/Elton concert. I feel the exact same way about Billy Joel--I LOVE HIM, his music makes me so nostalgic, and I'd kill to see the two of them in concert together!! Was it amazing??