Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Way, Jose!!

No Way
Not gonna happen
Heck to the No
No, thank you.

"Hey Elizabeth, will you _____?"


Even with all of the options listed above, I can never say "No."

I like to say that this is a genetic defect. Momma has it too. Hehe. This usually leads to an exorbitant degree of stress.

Recently, I've realized I have too much on my plate, and my surgery solidified that feeling. I had to meet with a very dear friend yesterday and tell him that although I had said "yes" to spearheading a project for him, I needed to now say "no." Ugh, can I please tell you that saying no after saying yes is WORSE than just saying no in the first place? Friend was SO understanding and totally agreed that I needed to focus on myself and school first, but I felt horrible!

Goal for myself: Learn to say "no" from the start.

Happy Tuesday! xoxo, E


  1. When you figure out a way to do this... please let me know! ;) I miss you... can we PLEASE get together sometime soon?! Even if just in passing?! I haven't seen your face for like literally a month now... NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Love you!!!!

  2. When you weigh health and happiness against the question being asked, suddenly that "no" will come a little easier. As a former "yes" girl, I can say you will learn, Grasshopper ;)

  3. The Momma Who Never Says NoFebruary 16, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Remember to always say "No" with a smile on your face and with a gentle touch.