Tuesday, July 6, 2010

9 days...

I've always found comfort in countdowns.
Countdowns to: holidays, birthdays, school vacations, big events, paydays (that was a biggie), visits from the parentals, etc.

As for today's countdown... there are 9 days left at my internship. I am filled with both sadness and anticipation.

Sadness b/c I won't get to see CB every day, and I genuinely enjoy going into work and tackling the projects.
Anticipation because the two-and-a-half weeks to follow will be filled with absolutely no responsibility! Legit summer time!
Sadness because I'll be that much closer to leaving home and going back to OKC.
Anticipation because I will only be 2.5 weeks away from being reunited with my OKC pals.

Other things I have to look forward to in 9 days: more time to work on Belle of the Wall designs, more time to hit the gym, more time to cook (the reason for needing more time at the gym, lol), more time for Momma to teach me to sew and refinish the trunk that Nanny has given me, etc, etc, etc.

I cannot believe that the last two months at home has flown by. Crazy, huh?

A couple Belle of the Wall updates:
Worked on this last night...

It's a memo board. I love to put up notes from friends and this is going to be a great addition near my desk! I just need to get some black paint for the frame (a $3.99 clearance find at Michael's. I love a good bargain, and it appears the only reason for the slashed price is a bit of gray paint spilled on the white of the frame. Easy peasy lemon squeezy to fix!)

Happy Tuesday! xoxo, E

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