Friday, July 9, 2010

"Sweet Caroline" for my sweet Caroline

I have developed a few designs based on people I know. I blogged about Belle of the Wall's "Sweet Caroline" here. Well I've been fortunate enough to have miss caroline staying with me this week.

Last night we picked out the fabric and buttons to create a piece for the design's namesake. Caroline's mommy is going to paint the girls' room soon, so we picked out colors to go with the new colors... and of course, they are miss C's favorites.

My sweet Caroline with her "Sweet Caroline"

I looked up at her today and she was holding the picture up and turning sideways. It cracked me up so I had her recreate the moment for a picture. And naturally, she is wearing a headband to match her piece. (we love playing dress up in Aunt Liz's headbands and shoes)

Love my sweet girl. So happy to have this little one as an inspiration. It was great to watch her pick out her fabrics and buttons, and I cherished every moment creating this piece with my sweet Caroline.

xoxo, E

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  1. I saw "Caroline" and had to check out the post :) She is too cute! I love how her headband matches. Too cute and she certainly is a "sweet Caroline."