Sunday, July 4, 2010

Skirt! Magazine

I'm sure many of you already know my dear friend CB. Well did you also know she is the chica behind Hems & Hers? I love love love all her pieces and get so excited every morning at work to see the latest design she has been working on. Well... Skirt! Magazine chose one of her skirts to be featured as the July Skirt of the Month! And I just have a few things to say about that...

I read Skirt! Magazine in my home.

I read Skirt! Magazine while I roam

I read Skirt! Magazine here

and there

I read Skirt! Magazine everywhere.

I read Skirt! Magazine in the loo

I share Skirt! Magazine with you and you.

I might not eat green eggs and ham

But this post shows just how proud I am!

Love you CB! So proud of you and "The Belle" skirt being Skirt of the Month! xoxo, E


  1. You are the most precious thing EVER. This post basically made my whole life. Seriously I'm laughing and crying and smiling all at the same time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you so much!!!!!

  2. Omg! You are TOO cute and this post is TOO funny!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed EVERY bit of it. Too, too, too cute!!! Xoxo-BLC

  3. Hahahah, this is the BEST. POST. EVER!

  4. This is an adorable post! Just found your blog!