Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh, what a wonderful weekend

Don't you just love the weekend? I sure do. For so many reasons.
But mostly, it's because I know can be super productive!!

My sweet nieces and nephew stayed with us this week while they were in the QC - they come to the east coast for 5 weeks every summer and we were fortunate enough to be one of their stops!

Just an FYI, these pics were taken at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I got some GREAT pieces - that'll be another post...
Caroline, Sallie, Me, and William
Me and my sweet Caroline
I had forgotten some of the adorable things they say and do. I loved living with them last summer and this week provided little reminders of what it was like.

Today's errand list includes a visit to Hobby Lobby and some fabric shopping. Working on more Belle of the Wall pieces - a couple collegiate themes - and can't wait to get pictures posted!

Speaking of Belle of the Wall, don't forget you have until Monday to enter Homemade Grits' GIVEAWAY!!!

xoxo, E

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