Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Susie Homemaker, or Independent Woman?

I've never thought of myself as a Susie Homemaker wanna-be, or for that matter a feminist I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T woman.
I fall somewhere in the middle... let's call it domestic diva.

I have been learning to cook this summer, and of course by "learning to cook" I mean actually doing it (rather than just complaining that I don't know how). It has been so much fun and tasty for sure.

However, I am frustrated every time I peruse a recipe. I wonder if you ever share this frustration... Almost all recipes are written with 4-6 servings in mind. When I am cooking for the fam, it's no problem, there are 3 of us. But on the weekends when Papas is out of town and it's just me and Mommacita, that can be a lot of extra food. Much less if it's a recipe that only I'm interested in trying (like tuna or turkey burgers). What about us single-serving eaters?

The Food Network (of which I am a dedicated viewer) has shows for all genres right? Budget friendly, money saving, quick and easy, Italian, Mexican, home cooking, Semi-homemade, grilling, healthy, etc. etc. etc. However, there is no "Meals for One" show. Now, maybe that's because it wouldn't appeal to a mass target. But as a young adult interested in knowing her way around a kitchen without a large Tupperware full of leftovers at the end of the night, I feel a bit defeated. Plus, I'm not a fan of leftovers... at all.

Now yes, I realize that I can "half" a recipe, but wouldn't it be nice if the proportions were figured out for me and I didn't have to guesstimate what 3/16 teaspoon might look like?

Maybe all this research for new business pitches at the internship has got me brainstorming, but I think it's a pretty legit suggestion. Look out Food Network... I'm a'coming!!

Happy hump day! xoxo, E


  1. lol! I like the pitch! I always just passed off my leftovers to Camal or the boys. :-P

  2. i love the idea! im a single gal who wants to learn my way around the kitchen and sometimes i get intimidated by large numbers, i like where your mind is going with this, keep it up!