Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wacky wednesday...

Man it's been a crazy Wednesday.
First, I woke to find that my right eye was still twitching... a phenomenon that last all day yesterday and continued on today. CB has a theory regarding the cause. Mommacita says vitamin deficiency. And I'm claiming "stress."

Next, I was off to the gym at 5am. oh and I left my water bottle at home. Sad day.

Then, I was off to the dermatologist... never a bright moment in my day... except that I have the kindest derm ever.

Next, off to work... on my way I saw a moped run into a car and hit his head on the trunk (luckily he had on a helmet)... his impatience with the traffic led to his weaving maneuvers and subsequent "oops" run-in... I also got stuck in horrible traffic because the entire right side of the road was blocked because of another accident. Oy vey!
I had the most difficult time focusing at work... between the eye twitch, the pounding headache, and the dizzy feeling from the stress of the morning, I was a hot mess... or maybe just a mess.

I was feeling so bad by lunch that I cut out of work early and came home to rest. It was a wonderful afternoon. Mommacita and I had lunch together and I spent some quality time with the couch.

After my migraine meds kicked in (praise the Lord for treximet!) I worked on a few Belle of the Wall pieces!

I'm excited for a few upcoming Greek orders!

Heading to bed early tonight. Hopefully a good night's sleep will do the trick! I hope your hump day has been a happy one! Tomorrow is Thursday, which means it's almost Friday! Hallelujah!!!
xoxo, E

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