Thursday, May 14, 2009

BIG day in LA!!

Well, so far so good... LA is fabulous, and I'm having an absolute BLAST! 

I started my internship yesterday!! I drove to the Westlake Village office (about an hour from the house in Redondo Beach) and met the HOBY gang. Solange (the director of development) and I bonded immediately, and I can just tell we are going to have a blast! We worked on some new marketing materials and they are going to look great! I was also trained on the alumni database program and looked up all my friends from WLC '04 (p.s. guys we need to update your info!! LOL) Part of my job this summer is going to involve updating our grant database with information including: contact information, type of grant, if we were approved or rejected, etc. After we finished our orientation information and a little bit of work, I started the trek back to the house. Umm, love LA traffic... not... actually it wasn't so bad today thanks to Jeffy and Marcus. They kept me thoroughly entertained on the phone (don't worry, hands free!) while I drove for an hour and forty-five minutes...

I am having a blast bonding with my nieces and nephew. We have played hide-and-seek in the house (Sallie is the best hider) and worked on homework assignments. There isn't anything better than driving up to the house and hearing them shriek "Aunt Liz is home!! She's here, she's here!" It puts a smile on my face... 

And there's a new man in my life... William. 
My sweet nephew loves Photo Booth on my Mac (it must be a Newton thing, we love taking pics of ourselves). We have taken quite a few :)

The girls have had fun w/ PhotoBooth as well. Crazy kiddos and Caroline's friend Hannah. I need to upload a real pic of them so y'all can see just how cute they really are. :)

More updates to come, I promise :) I don't have to work today so I'm thinking I will head to the beach with a book in hand! Happy Thursday!

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