Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A quaky kind of day...

Today was such a fun day at work :) I literally spent like 3.5 hours on Facebook looking up HOBY groups and joining them to send out requests for updated contact information. The result? I am now a member of about 35 more groups than I was at the beginning of the day, LOL.

On the drive home I was sitting in traffic... surprise, surprise... and felt the car shift back and forth (imagine sitting dead still and a train goes FLYING past you at a high speed). The DJ comes on the radio and says that there has been another earthquake in LA and more details will follow the next song (which no lie, happened to be "I feel the earth move under my feet!") It was a 4.1 quake and I felt it!!! woo hoo!!! 

I am exhausted after a long (well... short) day of work and long (yes, long) night at the gym! Good night!!

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