Friday, May 8, 2009

How will I miss thee? Let me count the ways...

Summer is here and as everyone packs and departs, there are a few (well more than a few) things that I will miss while away...

1. Watching Real Housewives of NYC with the roomie... and reenacting the drama for a week until the next episode airs :) "Bethenny... Staaaaaaaaaaap"
2. Notes on the white board on the front door from the roomie... How am I supposed to know how many days are left in the week without our countdown?!
3. Photo Booth photo shoots with the bestie
4. Watching 24 with the bestie... and scheming a way for us to be on the show one day
5. Late night chat sessions with M (a newly developed trend)
6. Hanging out with Jeffy (... and all of the laughter that comes with)
7. Dates with my ADP girls
8. Jenna Scheffel!!!!!!!!! I cannot  believe that you won't be back in the fall. I simply cannot handle it and refuse to believe it. Ok? I guess I'll just have to drive to Iowa for the state fair, or harvest, or just for a weekend... Deal?!
9. My Penn Square J.Crew buddies: Nicolas (well you know how much I enjoy hanging out with you... save me a seat ok?) Sarah and Amy, y'all know how much I love you girls (and Amy, I'm ready for my song whenever you are!)
10. Floods after only an hour of rain (ok, so I won't really miss that one)
11. Saturn Grill, City Bites, Cuppies and Joe
12. My bed
13. My classes, surprisingly enough
14. My friends
15. The seniors!!!!! (I'm not ready to be one, can't you guys just stay a little longer?! JK, I wouldn't do that to you)
16. Calling the bestie to see if I can "just run down and borrow a movie"
17. Laundry in a facility used by 300+ residents (Ok, that's a MAJOR lie)

Well, I think that's a pretty comprehensive list. I hope I haven't forgotten anything or anyone... Love you all! In true yearbook style, HAGS (have a great summer) 
California... HERE I COME!!!

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