Monday, May 25, 2009

A Relaxing Memorial Day

Well today has been a pretty perfect Memorial Day :) I drove up to Studio City to do some walking around and shopping. I initially went up to visit Henry Road (which I first posted about here), however they didn't open until noon so I did some moseying around. 
I went into Pier 1 and saw some ADORABLE pillows. Like SO cute... and 25% off... Gosh, if only I had a house I needed to decorate (strike that, I'm not ready for a mortgage, but still, I like to decorate! LOL)
12:00 rolled around and I strolled into Henry Road.... ahhhhhhhhh... it was just as amazing as I hoped it'd be. The owner was there and we chatted for a while about her business and what brought her to LA. We shared the experience of driving cross country. And agreed about what a beast that drive is :( But anyway, back to Henry Road. The fabrics are AH-mazing and the furniture is to die for... crazy expensive, but awesome none the less... Okay, so I bought some of the scraps material and am trying to decide what to do with them. And I also got great inspiration for an art piece that I want to do. Hooray for Henry Road!! 
Hope you had a great holiday. Back to work tomorrow! I can't believe it's almost JUNE!!

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