Monday, May 18, 2009

A week of finales...

If you haven't watched the season finale episodes for the following shows (Grey's, Prison Break, 24, Gossip Girl)...
 read no further!!
Grey's Anatomy aired on Thursday night, and it was intense! The fate of two characters remain in limbo... as do the contracts of both actors in real life... only time will tell. I love what Robert Daughtry wrote in his article after about a page and a half of discussing the possibilities of George and Izzie's fate... "In non death-related news on Grey's Anatomy, a Post-it may have served as a Meredith-Derek wedding, Christina and Owen finally got back together, Mark and Lexie seemed set to move in, and Bailey's marriage seemed to be shot." 
So funny!

Next, Prison Break aired its last episode EVER on Friday night. The show ended as anticipated and sadly, Michael died after a long haul of saving everyone else. I've been a loyal viewer ever since the series began. I have to admit, it was better in the beginning. I remember talking with a friend every week in AP Statistics about the drama of Prison Break Season 1. Whew, that was 4 years ago... time flies.

Tonight, both Gossip Girl and 24 aired their season finale episodes. 24 was decent. However, nothing was resolved and no major cliff hanger presented itself. We all know that Jack survives. Hello?! Kiefer signed on for another season. But Gossip Girl... O-M-G... such an amazing episode. And while the first 55 minutes were entertaining, the hold your breath, wish it were you, swooning moment came in the last 5 minutes. Chuck finally said "I love you." And he even said it a few times :) The scene that followed rivals the romanticism of an Audrey Hepburn movie. Blair believed that Chuck was traipsing around Europe, rendezvousing with countless women with complete disregard for her feelings. However, and here is where the swooning began, he traveled to Paris for her favorite macaroons, Germany for her favorite stockings, and he brought her pink peonies... ahhh, can I please live in Gossip Girl Land for that moment alone?! 
What will I do with all my free time now that my shows have wrapped for the summer?! 
Take up knitting? Doubtful. 
Read a good book? Potentially. 
Become addicted to a new set of shows? Hmmm, Most Likely :) 

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