Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Style Star

So, I have no shame in admitting that I missed the boat on the fabulosity that is GOSSIP GIRL. However, I am getting caught up! Season 1 was on sale at  Target for $19 and I suppressed my better judgement and purchased season 2 on iTunes. I have to admit that at times I become a wee bit jealous of the stories/lifestyles of the charaters... and then I snap back to reality and think "NO WAY would I want this life!!" But, allow me to indulge for a moment and share with you my favorite character... Miss Blair Waldorf. Not only is she a firecracker, but I feel that our fashion style is the most aligned (except she wears stuff I only dream of wearing)
I bought a dress very similar to this one while in Charleston over Spring Break. Ladies, don't roll your eyes or write me off because of this comment, but I love the idea of putting on a dress and heels and cooking dinner. It's soooo June Clever, but sometimes I wish this was the norm.

Blair's style is so elegant, yet young and feminine. She always wears a headband (so does yours truly). Funnily enough, we have the same headband from Olive and Bette's in NYC. Such a fun surprise while watching an episode in season 1. 

Like OMG, can we please talk about this top?! So sassy chic!! Blair Waldorf, I love you! (or your fashion at least)
XoXo, E

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  1. I knew you were my gbig for a reason! I addddddddooooore GG! Marathon when you get back or we could switch to UCLA? Sounds good. Love and miss you. <3 GL