Monday, May 11, 2009

From a Carolina girl to a California girl

Well, we made it!! Yesterday was a CRAZY long day,
 but it was all worth it. We are in California!! 
After about 30 minutes Sunday morning, 
we crossed the state line into Arizona. 

The mountains were immediately different than that of New Mexico. It's so amazing to see the vast beauty of our country.

One of my favorite moments while driving long-distance is when you see the first sign with your destination city on it!! 

After many, many more hours, we arrived in California. 
P.s. the most boring "Welcome to..." sign ever. 
You can't really see it in this pic, but you're not missing much.

We got to our hotel around 6:00 pm and after a yummy Outback dinner, we watched the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. Today is the big move-in day. Hopefully, a drive up to Beverly Hills will be on the agenda so that we can indulge in some CRUMBS :)
More updates to come, I promise!

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