Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Giles, from Brazil

Today was a pretty chillaxed day. I got a mani/pedi and went in to work around 3:00 pm. I know, I know... rough life. After we worked for a few hours, we got dressed up and headed over to the Media Networking Event in Hollywood. The view was stunning and the venue was absolutely gorgeous. 

After about an hour or so, a gentleman plopped down on the coach beside me. I considered giving him a pseudo-name, but if he magically finds my blog, he deserves to know this is about him. He started the conversation off in such an awkward way I can't even remember it b/c I was so confused, but anyway... to the juice of the story... His name was Giles (Jill with a pretentious accent at the beginning) and he is from Brazil. He told me that he is a behavioral psychologist getting his Ph.D. at CalTech in Pasadena. We then had about a 10 minute conversation about the most random things, including a story about a guy sitting next to him at a restaurant who pretended that he was proposing to his girlfriend so that the maitre'd would get them into a restaurant w/o a reservation... oh yea, the convo went south fast... But anyway, I was mid-sentence and he says, "I'm sorry, but I have to interupt you. You probably don't realize you do this, but I have noticed a behavioral trait about your eyes." "Oh really? ::she says with skepticism in her voice::" "Yes, when you're thinking your eyes dart up. That shows that you are a creative and artistic person." 

I'm sorry, I must digress here for a moment, bear with me... I am an AVID "Burn Notice" fan and I watched a clip of Jeffrey Donovan on one of the tonight shows. He shared a bit of his spy knowledge with the host. Apparently, when you look up it shows you're lying... hmmmm, who to believe... Giles or Jeffrey... no contest, Jeffrey all the way!!

Okay, back to the story... So, sweet Solange reaches over and says "Elizabeth, hun, I'm going to the bathroom. Do you need to go?" She was trying to rescue me!! I felt like I was holding my own and I was pretty proud so I told her that I was fine. We spoke for a moment or two longer and he excused himself. Solange came back and we had a good laugh about all that I learned about myself in that convo... oh convos with strangers... gotta love it. 

I had a great time tonight, and I'm grateful that tomorrow is Friday! :) Looks like "A Night at the Museum" at the iMax may be on the agenda for this weekend! Woo hoo!! Night! 

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