Saturday, May 9, 2009

Driving 19 hours the OTHER way...

Well, we started our 19 hour drive to Los Angeles today and so far so good :) We spent 2 or so hours in Oklahoma...
Then another 3 in Texas 

Then we crossed into New Mexico. 
And OMG... can we say gorgeous?!?!
And thank goodness!! After 5 hours the drive can get boring, but the landscape was breathtaking. Sometimes the mountains were covered in green trees and reminded us of the N.C. mountains... and then we would get to mountains covered in rock, def not N.C. mountains, but beautiful.

When we stopped in New Mexico for gas and snacks, we decided to go to DQ. Can you believe that Okla. doesn't have the amazingness that is Dairy Queen? After seeing like five DQ locations we simply had to stop :) YUM-O!

We finished off a great day with a beautiful sunset in NM. Quick sleep tonight then back to it tomorrow!! More New Mexico, then Arizona, then finally CALI!!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Had you never had DQ? haha thats so silly :) Glad the trip started off good!!!! :) MISS YOU!

  2. No, we have it at home. But silly Oklahoma doesn't. Hadn't had it in SO long

  3. Yay New Mexico! I was born in Taos (north of santa fe)!! I totally get the DQ thing, try explaining that to a 6 year old that there are no Dq's! Ahh Oklahoma, epic fail. Anyways hope you get to LA safe and sound and have an amazing internship. <3 GL