Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Design Inspiration? Yes, please!!

Thanks to Jennifer at Made by Girl for exposing her readers (myself included) to Canandian House and Home. I spent some time yesterday exploring the site and found some rooms with parts (or wholes) that I simply adore. 
There is something about this room that I just love. Once again, I've got another great idea of what to do with all of my "beautiful books." Stacking them under a table is the perfect way to display them!! And I just love that purple couch! It's trendy (and I'm way to practical to purchase a sofa like that), but it adds so much to the personality of the room!

Next, the yellow of this room is WAY to bright for me, but I love the white trim and symmetry of the lamps on either side of the Cameo portrait. I fell in love with Cameo rings while in Italy, so this would be the perfect way to share it with guests in the home! I also love the combination of the teal blue with white and black. A resemblance to Tiffay & Co. anyone?

Finally, I chose this pic because of the variety of patterns of the pillows. They all have a similar color scheme, but they bring a variety of patterns to the table (or couch, lol). 
There are so many brilliant design ideas out there! Have a terrific Tuesday! -E

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