Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roma: Day 3

So today was an absolute blast!! We woke up (semi-early) after having a night of almost no sleep. Funny, we thought our bodies were adjusted to the time change. Def NOT! Anyway, we had a great breakfast at the hotel; then we were off to see Ancient Rome. 
This was the part of our time here that I just couldn't wait to experience. Ever since 6th grade history with Mrs. Fogle, I've wanted to see the Coliseum. And ever since watching my girl Audrey in "Roman Holiday," I've wanted to see everything else :) LOL. 

We hopped on a tour bus and were off!! 

We started by St. Peter's Basilica which we had already seen, but today there were SO many people outside. We kept hearing people on our bus say "is he up there yet?" and Momma was like "Oh! I bet the Pope is going to come out and speak." Well folks, I got a pic of him on my camera. He's the blurry, white dot. LOL. Hey, it's the best I could do from FAR away and driving by. 

Our first stop was the Spanish Steps. While my goal was to eat gelato like Audrey, it was 10:30 am and it was simply too early for me to indulge. However, I did take a pic where Audrey stood
Next on our list was the Trevi Fountain. You know how you see places in movies and then you visit them. They are never as pretty as you think/hope. Well not true my friends for the Trevi Fountain. As you walked down towards the piazza, you can hear the rushing water. The anticipation builds! As we turned the corner, there it was. Simply GORGEOUS!!

We then hopped back on the bus, we were off to the Colosseum! Like O-M-G folks, this was the big one I had been waiting for. It was so cool!!! 

The Arch of Constantine was pretty cool as well. It reminded me of the Arch di Triumph in Paris. 

After we got back on the bus, we drove by a strip of land where they held chariot races. How cool?!

As we were driving along, I heard our tour guide say "Hop off here if you want to visit: blah-blah, something, or the mouth of truth." WHAT?!?! Okay, another Audrey moment. This was another "Roman Holiday" spot I wanted to hit, but it looked like it'd be too far away. I popped out of my seat and was like "Momma! We have to get off NOW!!" Needless to say, I got to put my hand the same place Gregory Peck and Miss Audrey did !!! So exciting!!
Our last stop on the bus tour was the Pantheon. Not much to look at from the outside (other than its sheer beauty and size) but the inside was a beautiful church. 

I've always wanted columns on my house... these should do just fine :)

Dinner was at Harry's Bar... and YUM-O!! Our pasta was homemade and it was delish. We also had tiramisu. It was my first time trying the dessert, and what better place than in ITALY?! yummy, yummy :)

P.S. Today's gelato flavors were peach and mixed berry. Man, I'm gonna miss this stuff! 
(okay, so we have it at the grocery at home, but still!)
Off to Florence tomorrow! Ciao! -E

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  1. ah sounds like ur having an amazing time! i'm very jealous!