Friday, June 26, 2009

Got a plan Stan?

We all have an idea of how our life is going to turn out and the path we will take to get there. Sometimes, parts of the plan do work out. And then there are days when the plan falls to pieces. I have become much more comfortable with change lately, but sometimes you get blind-sighted and don't know how to recover (gracefully). 

It's been a pretty crazy week, and some of the details to my plan have changed. I was a bit surprised with how I reacted. At first, it was the calm before the storm. Then, I started to feel like Eeyore and the rain cloud took up residence over my head. 

Once again, God stepped in and gave me encouragement. I love, love, LOVE quotes, and this one is spot on. It took me reading it a second time to truly grasp the meaning. I challenge you to adopt this message.
It's just another day! -E

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