Sunday, June 7, 2009

Venice: Day 1

Well, we made it to Venice! However, there is no internet in our hotel for me to use on my own computer to update the blog with pics. Sorry!! I promise to update as soon as possible (it may not be until we get back to Rome on Wednesday)... but I will take great notes and update with all the details...

Short version: Off to Milano tomorrow then spending the day in Venice on Tuesday. Back to Rome on Wednesday

Ciao! -E

p.s. this keyboard is NOT like the ones in the US. Keys are in different places and some are missing all together. CRAZY!


  1. Haha... I hope you took a picture of the keyboard too!!! :) I wanna see what it looks like!!!

  2. I am loving your updates...been to so many of the same places and am vicariously living through your travels now :)! Isn't it a wonderful country! So glad you and your Mom got to take this special trip. Love you both!!!!! Casey