Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look Out World... Betty's Got Style!

Thanks to my sweet Aunt Lynn for sending me the monogram decal for my car!! Betty looks so good with my hot pink initials on her rear window!!

I have been wanting one of these decals for SO long and it was such a sweet surprise to receive mine in the mail!! Thank you again Aunt Lynn!! Love you!!


  1. Love it! I wonder if Mr. Boston would put one on his rover!!!!!!!!
    I purchased a decal and I'm waiting for my detail appt. That way when the van is sparkly clean, which will last a week, I can put my decal on! I love these!

  2. These look SO cute- especially in the bright pink! Love it :) XO

  3. So glad you like the monogram decals! Betty looks so in style now! Have fun leading the road, so everyone can admire Betty's new look! Love you back!