Monday, June 15, 2009

Just call me Rachael Ray...

Today was a lazy day in LA... I don't go back to work until tomorrow... so I took a trip to the neighborhood Ralph's (grocery store). I l-o-v-e to walk up and down the aisles. 
Because I am missing Italy pretty badly today, I decided to channel all of the lessons I learned in our cooking class in Florence (and all the hours I've spent in front of the Food Network) to bring out the domestic goddess in me. This is what I picked up...
Two heads of broccoli, a cantaloupe and pineapple (p.s. notice that I bought the real thing, not the pre-cut fruit from the store... Go Me!), raspberries, strawberries, squash, and zucchini. 

After I cut up the cantaloupe (my knife skills still need some major work, but I got the job done), I noticed something... and maybe it's just a subconscious manifestation of my love of venice, but the rind of the fruit looked like a gondola... I let two of the strawberries go on a romantic cruise. LOL!
After the boat ride, I washed and cut up the strawberries. 

I then combined all of the fresh fruit and made a yummy salad... ahh, summer!
The plan is to saute the veggies for a dinner tonight. 
As I walked through the grocery today, an idea hit me. The Food Network should produce a show that is based on the premise of preparing college students with the cooking skills they need to go out into the real world and cook for themselves. Hmmmm... it's a thought :)
Okay, well Happy Monday!! Off to watch some more Food Network! 
-E (aka: wanna be Rachael Ray)

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  1. I couldn't stop laughing at the two "people" in the gondola, what an imagination!! Go Shonba!!
    Olive U!