Monday, June 1, 2009

The start of our trip!!

Ciao fellow Americans! Our hotel in Roma has free internet access so I thought I would update with our travels thus far. We went to Barnes & Nobles and bought a few books of what to see and what to do in Rome, Florence, and Venice since we will be spending majority of our time in those 3 cities. (oh, and of course we got a book about shopping for good measure lol) Well, after packing way too much I'm sure, we were ready to head to Philadelphia!!

Quick side note, I have flown alot in my life. It comes with the territory, and luxury, of being a PK (pilot's kid) and I know how to pack so that I don't get stopped in security. I wear minimal layers, easy to slip-off shoes, and I don't even bother carrying liquids in my bag. So imagine my surprise when they say they have to search my bag. What in the world is in there?! The guy pulls out my computer outlet plug... seriously dude? But then, grr to give him credit, I already had the Italian adapter on it and it does kind of look like a weapon. And of course, my Momma found this to be the perfect time to whip out the camera and take a pic... using my own words against me "We have to document everything!!"

Once we arrived in Phili we had about 4 hours to kill so we walked around the terminal. If you have to spend a lot of time in an airport, it's a good one. 

And funny enough, we saw the Carolina Panthers' plane outside one of the windows. 

Pretty soon it was time to board the plane for Roma!! Wahhh!!! Momma got me a book while in Phili (Shoe Addicts Anonymous) and I love it. I read over half of it in like 3 hours on the plane. 
Well, we landed this morning and it was pouring rain. boo. But we made our way to the train and boarded. 30 minutes later we arrived at Roma Termini. The rain had stopped mostly, but there are definitely no ADA regulations here. Our hotel was only 300 metres from the station so we walked, but there are no ramps on the sidewalks. Nope, you have to lift (in our case, it's heave) your suitcase from the road level, over the curb, to reach the sidewalk. Whew. But we arrived at our hotel in no time. In order to get to the lobby, you have to go up a flight of stairs. That's right, I said it stairs. Oh, thank goodness there was no video camera around, I cannot imagine watching that sight. After we checked in, I asked about using the lift to go up to our room. The sweet front-desk attendant said "well you can use it if you want, it's on the first level." Now, their first level and our first level are different, clearly. The first level was up another flight of stairs. GIRL! Did you not hear us coming?! Of course we are taking that lift.
I must digress here for a moment and describe this lift to you. It is literally wide enough for my suitcase to fit "skinny" and me to slide in. It reminds me of the elevator Audrey (I know, I  know, Audrey again?!) uses in Charade. Real old-timey but cool :) And the view from our room is so pretty. It looks just like I thought Rome would :)

Anyway, that's pretty much all the updates for now :) 
About to shower and  head out for our first meal in ROMA!! 
Arrivederci! -E

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  1. YAY!!!! Looks like SO much fun!!!! :) I'm loving all the pictures too!!!! :)