Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roma: Day 2

Well, we moved to our new hotel in Roma today (we flew over a day early so the other hotel was a last minute booking) and this hotel is AH-mazing. It's all about location, location, location... Don't be jealous, but we are literally 5 steps away from St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican City, but more on that later.
First, we had a delicious breakfast at the Yellow Bar and hopped in a cab to head to our aforementioned hotel. 

I was so excited when we walked into our room! It is much roomier (that's not saying much by European standards) and the bathroom is bright and the shower has a door!!! (rather than the curtain that stuck to you while you showered at the previous hotel) We unpacked a bit and then headed off to the Vatican Museums. 

As we walked I kept thinking, "We have nothing else on the agenda today, if we have to stand in line for a long time it'll be okay..." I am a worrier by nature (not a surprise to anyone that knows me) and I want everything to be perfect on this trip. As we entered the museum, and went through security, I noticed the museum was busy but not crowded. We went upstairs to purchase our tickets and walked right up to the ticket counter. No lines!! The tickets weren't too expensive, and because I'm a student, I got a discount... Thanks OCU!! What a pleasant surprise! Once we entered, there were quite a few people, but it was not cramped by any means. 

Our first destination was to B-line it to the Sistine Chapel. In case we ran out of time or any other unforseen issue should arise, we had to see Michelangelo's paintings. 

I was so enraptured by the artwork along the way; I will try not to overwhelm you will my photo-happy tendencies. I am so grateful for the emphasis on art in my World Civ class because I appreciated the art so much more. 

(Mere, I saw the aldergator and thought of YOU!!)
Inside the Sistine Chapel was absolutely astounding. No pictures were allowed, but honestly, it was unbelievable. To picture the time and energy spent on those paintings; the images are so detailed and to think he was on his back for majority of the time he spent working on the ceiling. Unreal. 
I  love Egyptian art, and would L-O-V-E to go to the Cairo Museum. There was some Egyptian art in the Vatican museums so we moseyed on over. There was a mummy in its sarcophagus. Gross, I know, but SO cool!!! There were also jars on display which stored the brain, lungs, stomach, and hmmm something else, maybe liver? after they were removed from the dead body. 
Oh, and we also found some hot men in Italy :)
Finally!! Someone tall enough!!

...She goes for the older men, 
he played a little hard to get, stone cold...
After we left the museum we were thirsty so we picked up a Coke Zero outside. Ugggh, they were $5 a piece. Becca, I promise I remembered your note about not buying anything near the Vatican because of the price, but girl I was parched!! 

Next, we went to "Old Bridge Gelateria." As if Becs' advice wasn't a good enough reason to go (which it was), the line sure did persuade us. Today, I got Nutella and Banana and Momma got Nutella and Pineapple. Mmmmmm, so good!!
We then walked to St. Peter's Basilica and went inside the mansion... I'm sorry, did I say mansion? I mean church. It was GI-NORMOUS!!! Now, I realize that's not a word, but it was THAT big. I literally cannot even describe all of the statues, paintings, etc., etc., etc. that were inside the church. Unreal. This is probably no big deal to some people, but we saw some nuns and monks outside the church as well. Pretty cool.
Oh, and we saw this hot Italian stud outside the church. Mama G, want me to bring him home for you?? :) LOL

Next, we walked around a market and did a little bit of cart-shopping (window-shopping in a market). 

What a great day! I took a 112 pics so feel blessed that you are not having to look at them all :)
Ciao! -E

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