Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are you doing what you love?

Nothing in life is ever certain; That much we know. But even if we get to do what we love, who knows how long it will last. It is important to cherish every moment and do the best that we can in the time we are given.

Life isn't fair. I bet you've heard that one before too! Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people . The true test of character is how the good handle the bad that comes their way.

I started thinking about how these statements apply to my life. I keep saying "It's only the third week of school?!" or "Only two months until Homecoming is over, and I can relax again!" However, I need to appreciate every moment/experience that I have remaining in college. The remaining time is short, and this is an experience that I will never be able to get back. 

As for the second statement, I know that I am going to encounter some "bad things" while working on Homecoming. I had a boy come up to me this weekend and say, "So you know, I notoriously hate whoever is in charge of Homecoming. And this year that's you." I need to remember to keep my cool and speak kindly in tough situations. I want my actions to be a true representation of who I am (and hopefully that'll be a respectful and kind person, LOL)

So, it's a short post today because I'm off to cherish my college experiences (aka: go to class, LOL)
xoxo, E