Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Road to Self Discovery... Is that your final answer?

What would your answer be if someone were to ask you, "Whose career/lifestyle do you admire?" 
Well, I was asked that question as a part of my reading assignment for my Entertainment Business I class. We are reading "You've Only Got 3 Seconds," and there are multiple personality/value tests in the book to help you discover more about yourself. 

Things I learned about myself: 
- I have good self-worth
- I do not believe that life is a series of exchanges 
(I will do for you even if you aren't going to do anything for me)
- I am motivated by recognition 
- Spending time with my grandmother is probably one of the most vivid and positive memories of my childhood.
(Have I already told you the stories? If so, please forgive me for re-telling them... When I would stay with my Nanny, she would make me pancakes in the morning with my initials monogramed on the pancake. She introduced me to the ORIGINAL Parent Trap, Pollyanna, Escape To Witch Mountain, and soooooo many more movies. I would always snack on the plethora of candy in her kitchen while watching movies, but her Dalmatian was always there to eat the skittle colors that I didn't like... we had a system.)
- There isn't anyone I would want to switch lives with
(I must admit, I was pretty happy with that answer! I'm so happy with where my life is and where it's going!)
- I have no clue what I would do if I win the lottery. Like none. Save? Spend? AHH!!!
- I'm a ESTJ personality: "a person who believes in the 'work ethic.' Conservative, traditionalist, comfortable in hierarchical structure, honor bound and obligated, pessimist, joiner, backbone of society." Hmm... that is a pretty accurate description, although I would argue against the "pessimist" label. And I interpret "joiner" as being a part of far too many activities! LOL

But to get back to my original question at the start of this post, "Whose Career/Lifestyle Do You Admire?" 
You may be thinking, "I wonder what Elizabeth's answer was?"
Buckle up folks...
The first answer that popped into my mind was...

Rachel Zoe.

Now, if you do not know who Rachel is, that's okay. She is a celebrity stylist who has her own show on Bravo and she is living a "glamourous life." To explain my choice, I wrote : "I think I am drawn to the apparent glam and 'fabulousity' of her career as a stylist. It is something I would love to experience in my life, but I know that I want to have a healthy balance." I would love, love, love to work for Rachel (even if just as a summer intern) so that I could experience the reality of her job. I just think it'd be amazing to go to New York Fashion Week, and have the opportunity to shop and style celebrities for a living... 

Take a look at her studio... for real... I DIE!
xoxo, E

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  1. Your Very Proud MommaSeptember 3, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    You definitely know how to pull at my heart string. Nanny will definitely cry after reading this one! Olive You!!